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I’ve been through this, my friends have, I’ve heard it narrated to me by complete strangers… Messages i receive “Flossy i did everything for her/him’
You’ll religiously follow everything the bible ever told you about being a Ruth,a Boaz, an Abraham an Esther, the Proverbs 31 woman. But they left anyway…With a shattered heart you asked God why they never see that you’re a good man/woman..No your choice isn’t all that bad and your standards aren’t ridiculous. A lot of People are stuck in unions with partners they weren’t meant to be with because they took for granted what they had. You didn’t come packaged in the way they thought you would…A body like Nicki Minaj, Michelle Obama’s assertiveness/ Barack’s Power/Bill Gates’ credit card and an IQ that matched Marilyn vos Savant’s… After having searched around for all that in other people they came back …you thought this was it…again he left because something else caught their eye. Some learn from it and change soon enough but some don’t..Can you blame yourself? The world constantly asks you to be patient with them while they learn or ‘make their choice’.


Don’t blame it on you, this is not and will never be about you. You can fast 40days and 40nights but it still won’t be about you. This is their personal lesson

After listening and having experienced some of this and more . You could be here cause you’re going through it now..Listen darlings..The one who is meant for you won’t need trials or a list of 21 ways to keep someone..They’ll know your value the moment they set their eyes on you..It might seem unreal and i might sound like I’m selling dreams telling you this but make your choice…

if everything you’ve ever been told about how to attract and keep Love worked …would you still be here be reading this?


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  1. Tendai Blessing 'BeeZee' Zana says:

    bring it on gal…i like your line of thinking.its unique…looking forward to it.

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    1. Thank you Tendai please follow too if you can. Thank you!


  2. Daniel Danny Punungwe says:


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  3. Takudzwa says:

    Prolific and expressed in an unique style feeding the reader with enthusiasm

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    1. Thanks Taku…really trying to keep everything simple and straightforward

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      1. Takudzwa says:

        That’s great.

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  4. che67 says:

    ya ya u write,no amount persuasion will turn a guy around if he has made up his mind that you struck off the roll.In very few cases it has nothing to do with you the lady/the other girl but in most of the cases it has everything to with you.Personal i have seen few guys dumped but have observed many ladies ejected including my personal list.Once i let my adult daughters have a preview of a guy’s mind;even if you make him wait for a year before you do the ‘act’if you are not good enough in bed he will head for the hills.the good enough is as thick as d bible&guys pick up these signals early on,actual if you hit between the sheets that evening and the next morning you dont receive a call till noon,a bad omen,if you do pluck the courage to call him&the phone is not picked up in 4 rings it is approaching red levels,the second call should be your last one and if unanswered you have been well answered,you were not good enough period.if however the relationship is coming along in the first few weeks avoid;ask ask for airtime,hair budget,that shoe,that dress,its only a few weeks do not display your digging tools yet,never ever drop by his place un announced,if you are invited&is a distance away use the 3days bag nothing catogorized as luggage bag,&please unless he insists on one knee stay for only 2/3days only,Never ever go to bed with him without a shower it is a cardinal sin,when you there please your are a visitor don’t start being the control freak starting with the TV remote/games machine.Don’t bother trying to check his phone,By they way unless explicitly mentioned by him have your to&fro transport fair,do not fall in love looking for marriage have fun,don’t be a nagger,please if you use his bathroom leave it the way it was/clean,do not use his nivea man coz a lady should have all toiletries along,avoid a lot of incoming calls/ap in his presence especial from other males,perceptions can decide,Just be yourself&avoid overpricing yourself syndrome.(a male perspective)

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    1. Hmmmmmm that’s a bit too much …Perfection is unrealistic and most people do those things subconsciously…I think one of the pecks of a happy relationship is not having to be too careful with your partner…Cz having to take all these precautions just to make someone happy is what I differ with…Isn’t it more comfortable to be with someone you can be reckless and clumsy with? I get the timing part you mentioned bt most guys have fallen for females who perfect those stagss you mentioned above only to realise after marriage that it was all just an act …


  5. The fallacy in most women’s thoughts is that they can be “enough” for a man. As long as there are other billion or so women in the world you will never be enough. Women are different, body, mentally, thought faculties & voice, all these appeal differently to a man at different times and therein is the problem. He can chase another simply for her pert boobs despite she being worse in everything else. So women quit trying to raise your standards hoping I can be enough, it will never work. A man only settles it in his mind that he will stick with one, not that he does not meet temptation every day.

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    1. Thanks for contributing Runyararo. If you noticed this was not just for the females alone but males included and great points you raised but i think they are applicable to both sexes..A universal human fallacy of thinking that we can all ever be good enough for anyone..


  6. Memory says:

    Wow very insightful

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  7. Lillian Sibindi says:

    This is beautiful Flossy. Blessed angel

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