Before you assume….Ask!

So I’m in this shop today returning some stuff
(yes i do that a lot) even with people and this
Teen ( i could tell because she was in her high
school uniform) comes to pay for her stuff and
the sunglasses she picks don’t have a bar code
so the cashier asks for them to be swapped..This
guy with her rushes to take another pair with the
help of one of the Sales reps…The cashier goes
“oh your dad is even helping out… Teenage Girl
goes, “My dad?..No that’s not my dad’. I look at
the Cashier again hoping by this time she’s just
gonna let it go because clearly these two were
together but she was really not up to discussing
what the relationship is between them. She
disappoints me when she opens her mouth again
…Cashier: “Wait…so if he’s not your dad who is
he to you? Now I’m looking and listening very
well because i could tell things are about to get
weird …The girl shyly says, He’s my driver… Now
this is the time when any sane being usually
shuts up and apologises for assuming ish but this
aunty goes on…Ah i thought he was your Man i
was about to quit my job…Me: (in my head) You
could have stopped or asked at the first
assumption Ma….

“Now i wonder how many
people do that on a daily basis…You make up a
complete story in your head and conclude it then air it out as a fact.”
“How many times have you
made incorrect judgements about people and situations and sometimes never even got to hear
the real truth behind your assumptions”….


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  1. zvishuwo says:

    Hi Floridah! I enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster award. Find out more about the award and your nomination here:


    1. Thank you for taking time to go through it Zvishuwo..I appreciate

      Liked by 1 person

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